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Trusts and Estates

ESTATE PLANNING, WILLS, ESTATE AND GIFT TAXES, asset protection, and incapacity planning For both taxable and non-taxable clients

Our trusts and estates practice approach uses the latest tools and legal research, together with personalized service, to provide you with an estate plan that's designed for your family, your wishes, your stage of life, and your level of wealth.  We provide comprehensive estate planning for taxable and non-taxable estates--and for the large number of clients whose status is unclear in today's shifting transfer and income tax environment.

Every family and every family situation is different.  The most important part of our job is to learn what is unique about our clients.  We don't just draft documents, but understand your situation and counsel you on the best way to organize your affairs. And it's never too early to get started.  If you are married, own a business, practice a profession, receive an inheritance, or have a child, you need an estate plan.

Our ongoing client relationship service works with you and your other trusted advisors to make sure that your plan grows with you.  Our goal is to have you coming back for years to come as your family and your wealth grow.

Learn more about our estate planning philosophy and strategies.

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Business and Investment Transactions and Advice


The business of investing your money in an exciting new company, fund, real estate venture, or other project is a tricky decision which calls for specialized legal advice. Likewise, starting a new company or preparing it to accept an equity investment, a loan, or a buyout is a pivotal moment in your life calling for careful counselling.  

We can efficiently advise you on the corporate legal issues surrounding forming and financing start-up companies, buying or selling a business, or investing in private partnerships and investment funds.

We are both pleased and proud to serve as general counsel for several small businesses, ready to answer questions and advise them on the legal aspects of business issues on a regular basis when they have a need.  Or, we can advise you for a single large transaction--and for the ones to follow.

Learn about setting up a corporation or an unincorporated business from the South Carolina Bar.


Estate Administration, Trust Administration, and Probate


The estate administration and probate process in North and South Carolina often calls for specialized legal knowledge. We have experience administering estates of all sizes and in resolving disputes regarding wills, trusts, and creditors, both in and out of court. Our involvement can be tailored to your own needs, from occasional advice on difficult legal questions for you while you serve as a fiduciary, to handling the responsibilities of an executor or personal representative on your behalf.

We can also serve as trustee, co-trustee, trust advisor, or legal advisor to your family trust on an ongoing basis, to ensure your compliance with both tax and non-tax aspects of your family's wealth strategy.

Learn about the estate administration process from the Charleston County Probate Court.


Fiduciary Litigation

Lawsuits involving trusts & estates, KEY business personnel, and other fiduciaries

When a dispute arises involving the trustee of a trust, administrator of an estate, or officer, director, or manager of a business, special and complex legal rules apply.  These key individuals are known to the law as fiduciaries.  They have legal duties to beneficiaries, heirs, and owners to put others' interests above their own.

We have years of experience representing both plaintiffs and defendants in these types of cases. Should such an unfortunate situation arise for you, we have the knowledge and resources to protect your rights through careful negotiation and in court.